Classic Window Treatments
Motorized Shades
 Innovation never looked so beautiful

Imagine every shade in your home quietly rising and lowering on cue.  Imagine the simplicity of no wires and the beauty and safety of no cords.  Imagine the flexibility of programming shades to move in groups at intervals of your choosing.  Imagine enjoying the view from your windows while protecting your interiors from UV damage and conserving energy by reducing air-conditioning demands and minimizing and maximizing the sun's heat.  Think it sounds like wishful thinking?  Think again.  QMotion offers unprecedented innovation, beauty and simplicity and makes the luxury of home automation affordable.
Classic Window Treatments is now carrying QMotion roller shades.  The shades are powered by an internal pack of standard D-cell batteries, requiring:

  • No cords
  • No wires
  • No electrician
  • No special tools

 Batteries last up to five years, dramatically reducing cost and adding convenience.

We have included a link to a YouTube video showing the features of the QMotion shade.  Please take a moment to view this video.  We are very excited about this new product.  If you would like to learn more about solutions for your windows please contact Classic Window Treatments at 515-287-2426.


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